I was first diagnosed with a frozen shoulder in May 2017, and wanted to try another treatment to add to physio. I went to see Claire at the beginning of January 2018 having just been told that I had only recovered 80% of the movement in my shoulder the week before. In total I had five weekly treatments. Claire was thorough, professional and friendly and put me at my ease immediately even though I had not had acupuncture before. After the first session, there was a significant improvement in the movement in the joint. At all of the sessions afterward I was so relaxed that I fell asleep whilst the treatment was working, and each time the joint became looser. By the last session I felt my shoulder was moving freely, and the physio at St Margaret’s Hospital has confirmed that I now have virtually 100% movement in the joint again. His original diagnosis had been that it was going to take up to four years to recover, and he was impressed with the speed at which the improvement had taken place.
Pauline, Essex
I am a regular client and have been seeing Claire for almost a year. It’s amazing how much better l feel after a session – a sensation of wellbeing and calmness. Claire takes plenty of time to talk over your week and any niggles before the treatment, which is a therapy in itself.
Jo, Essex
After undergoing a simple wisdom tooth extraction I ended up with Trismus (lockjaw).  I was only able to open my jaw to 1cm and was in excruciating pain.  The dentist prescribed 4 lots of antibiotics and referred me for an operation, which I wanted to avoid.
I was a little sceptical as to how effective acupuncture could be, but my goodness I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The treatment was relaxing and almost immediately I felt the sharp pain in my jaw and ear starting to dull, it was the best relief ever.  By the end of the treatment I could open my jaw twice as far, by that evening I was able to open my jaw enough to use cutlery and the next day I was able open my jaw to 3.5cm with virtually no pain.  I am now back to normal.
Sarah, 40, Essex
I went to see Claire for plantar fasciitis that had been bothering me for a year.  In 4 treatments the pain was gone and has not returned in the 3 months since treatment.
Paul , 49, Essex
The day after acupuncture I woke up and could walk freely and without pain in left ankle (Achilles tendonitis). Some of the stiffness and slight pain reoccured the day after but not as bad as usual. The hot flushes were less, hardy ever during the day, sometimes at night but not bad.  Very impressed with the result. I didn’t expect so much to happen in a first session and I am also aware that the tendonitis is something that has been there a while.
Tania, 50, Bucks
I went to see Claire as I was suffering from diarrhoea after a fairly serious operation.  She was very professional but, even more importantly, very kind and caring and very willing to listen.   She was
always very supportive and I  would not hesitate to recommend her to you as a sympathetic and excellent acupuncturist.
Valerie, 69, London
Hope for tooth grinders!
I have ground my teeth during sleep for years, (not very badly), and my research had led me to believe nothing could really be done about it.
But due to a period of stress six months ago, my bruxism got so bad that I cracked a tooth through. My dentist filled the tooth and said that unless the nerve settled down, I would have to have the root removed.  She also gave me a night guard.
A few weeks later, the grinding and discomfort were still bad despite the guard and several stress reduction methods I was trying.
At this point, Claire gave me a series of treatments. After the first session (my first ever experience of accupuncture, which surprised me by being restful rather than painful!), I felt a relaxing of the muscles in my jaw, shoulders and face, and a slight lessening of the tooth pain.
The third session felt much stronger – not painful as such, but intense. I had had enough when Claire came to remove the needles, but was absolutely amazed at the result. The tooth pain had vanished, and my jaw was relaxed. What a relief!
Six months later I still have a very slight sensitivity in the tooth occasionally.
I honestly believe that Claire’s original treatment, and occasional follow-ups,  have saved me from needing root canal. And therefore maybe helped preserve one more healthy tooth for my old age!
Jill, 45, Essex
I have had several treatments with Claire now and found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and patient. Her attention to detail and client care are second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire to everyone for acupuncture. Each time I have treatments I walk away calm with naturopathic advice I can try myself at home. Great therapist with great treatments.
Sarah, 41, Northants
It was a pleasure to be looked after by Claire. Her down to earth attitude, very professional and educational style of treatment and ‘go the extra mile’ attitude towards her clients made my healing journey pleasant and more effective. Thank you!
Anna, 30, London
Claire opened up so many energetic channels on my body, she help me boost my energy level and help my recovery and transformation. I went into a new journey because my energy level was higher!  I will definitely recommend her service when I will need it again for myself, my children, friends and partner.
Sebastien, 37, London