Welcome to Claire Truss Acupuncturist & Naturopath

Claire Truss is an acupuncturist located, in her own clinic, on the edge of Epping Forest in Loughton.

Claire’s approach to health is through natural medicines, primarily acupuncture as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Every patient is treated as a whole person (body & mind), with the intention of bringing the person back into a state of balance, advancing your wellness and achieving your full health potential.

Claire sees people across a broad spectrum of symptoms. 

For information about the research around what conditions acupuncture can treat, please see the British Acupuncture Council’s Fact Sheets.  For example, pain conditions supported by good research evidence are:

  • headaches & migraines
  • back pain
  • osteoarthritis of the knee
  • shoulder pain

(Please note that BAcC are currently undertaking a major review to update and broaden the information contained within the fact sheets.)

Contact Claire now for more information about acupuncture treatments and to book an appointment:

Mobile: 07394 288000

Email: info@clairetruss.co.uk

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