Online Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation and herbs are offered as part of a 4 weekly plan.

Remote consultations take place on a Monday.

All herbs are prescribed in granule form, which can be taken directly or dissolved in hot water (instructions will be provided). No need for lengthy preparation. No unknown costs.

The initial consultation includes:

  • pre assessment questionnaire to be completed before your consultation
  • how to take tongue photos instructions, so you can submit your tongue photos prior to the consultation
  • initial consultation online or by phone
  • cost = £150, deductible from your first 4 week plan, if you decide to continue onto the plan
  • payment required at time of booking inital consultation
  • you can rearrange your consultation up to 72 hours prior to your booked date/time

4 weekly plan includes:

  • weekly/fortnightly or as required consultations – as advised by practitioner
  • all herbs, tailored to you, for 4 week period of your plan
  • re-evaluation in the final consultation of 4 week plan including: symptom review, improvement assessment and decision as to whether to continue for next 4 weeks
  • herbs are sent via post and arrive 1- 3 days after consultation
  • cost = £400 for 4 weeks
  • payment required at the start of the plan
  • you can rearrange any consultation up to 72 hours prior to your booked date/time

The 4 weekly plan includes all herbs for the time period. If you become unwell, you can contact the practitioner who will advise and send appropriate herbs at no further cost during the period you are on plan.

Most herbal treatment requires 4 to 6 months of herbs, with the exception of acute conditions which may require as little as 1 x 4 week plan.

To find out more details, please email info@clairetruss.co.uk

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